Sensual Massage

Sensual massage

One of the most wonderful ways for an intimate couple to relate to each other is through touch and massage.
The skin is so highly sensitive that it is able to transmit and receive loving messages and feelings conveyed through the hands.
Such messages and feelings nourish not only the physical body but also the mind and emotions. Massage can become an integral part of a relationship, a means of deep communication, a way to show how much you care for each other.
Use the Whole Body Massage program and the recommended aromatherapy recipes to help one another relax after a stressful day, or to replenish vitality when you are tired. By carefully selecting your essential oils you can enhance the mood and beneficial effects of your massage. Touch within a loving relationship has many dimensions.
It can be therapeutic, playful, sensual, or intimate. It is a beautiful way to explore, refresh, and delight each others bodies.

Languid strokes

Having mixed your chosen blend of essential oils, spread it over the back of your partner’s body with soothing, languid, and sensual strokes. Take time to allow the flowing movement of your hands to relax him physically and emotionally before applying your strokes.

Molding into the Contours

As you ease tension from back, let your hands become soft and pliable, so that they mould and encompass the shapes and curves of his body.

Massaging the Chest

Relaxing the chest and rib cage with massage helps your partner to release tensions and breathe more fully. This will enable him to become more open and more able to connect with his feelings.
Begin the chest massage with the opening integration movement, and then add strokes from the whole body program. Sit or kneel comfortably behind your partner so that his head is supported in your lap. Spread the oil over his ribcage, increasing the amount used if he has a lot of hair on his chest.
1. Place both hands flat over the top of the breastbone so that your fingers point down the body. Stroke gently and steadily down to its base.
2. Without breaking the flow of motion, fan both hands out over the lower ribs, towards the sides of his body, so that your fingers slip slightly below the back. Molding your hands to his rib cage, pull them up towards the edge of his armpits.
3. Flex your wrists, gliding both hands into the body and out towards the edge of the shoulders, increasing the pressure slightly to open and stretch the top of the chest. Slip both hands softly around the shoulders and slide them lightly back over the pectoral muscles, towards the breast bone. Repeat this lovely integration stroke several times.

Kneading the Buttocks

Kneading on the buttocks not only brings a deep relief of tension to the lower back area, but can also create pleasurable and sensual feelings.


Soft caressing is profoundly relaxing, especially on the face and jaw. Tenderly stroke one hand after the other along the sides of the face. A gentle face massage is one of the most loving gifts you can bestow on your partner.

Soothing the Brow

Use the combination of strokes described in Focus on the Face, focusing on the brow to soothe away the day’s anxieties and to restore a sense of equilibrium.

Soft Flowing

A sensual massage can be made up entirely of soft, flowing effleurage strokes, using the flat of the hands to soothe the skin and relax the nervous system, while at the same time bringing tactile joy to the senses.
This overlapping stroke, using the palms of the hands, creates the sensation of many hands caressing the body. It feels particularly wonderful on the legs and arms. One hand follows the other in short, tender brushes to the limb, with the leading hand lifting off the skin to loop over the following hand, ready to repeat the stroke.

Feather Touches

Delicate feather touches are playful and deliciously arousing to the nerve senses, bringing the skin alive with shivers of pleasure. Soft skin areas, such as the undersides of the arms, the inner thighs, and the nape of the neck, are most receptive to these teasing strokes.
1. Using only the barest minimum of touch, slowly trail your fingertips down the highly sensitive skin on the underside of the arm.
2. Many people love having their necks rubbed and stroked, which is pleasurable and soothing. Using one hand after the other, stroke the fingers down the nape of her neck in overlapping motions.

Head strokes

Stroking, combing, and massaging the head and hair induce feelings of calm. Rake your fingers through her hair, then gently massage the scalp with circular motions from your fingertips.
The close and intimate moments within a relationship open up precious feelings of vulnerability and love. Moments of still, quiet touching and eye contact will deepen your bond.

Using Essential Oils for Massage