Massage Techniques2

Basic Massage technique Part two

Circular pressure

massage oilsDeep, penetrating circles are useful for exploring the state of the muscles and for combating tension. Apply the pressure gradually, beginning to circle more deeply and firmly, then slowly release and move on to the next area. For tight, knotted muscles, place one thumb on top of the other, and lean into the body.
Using only a small amount of oil – too much will cause your thumbs to slide – place the pads of your thumbs on the skin and gradually lean into them. Press for a few seconds, then make small, penetrating, circular movements against the underlying muscle. Glide to the next area, and repeat the movement.

Static pressures

Stationary pressures are extremely useful for releasing tension in the neck and shoulders, sides of the spine, buttocks, and soles of the feet. Ease into the pressure gradually and steadily, hold, and then slowly release -never poke sharply.
Treat the body with care, making sure that your fingernails do not gouge the skin. For this movement no oil is necessary. Place the pads of your thumbs on the skin and gradually lean into them. Hold for 5-9 seconds, then release slowly and glide to the next point t tension. Imagine how it feels to receive the massage this helps your hands respond to the area you are working on


massage oilsFor a heavenly sensation, rotate your knuckles on the shoulders, chest, palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and hips. You can work deeply without hurting. Curl your hands into loose fists and, with the middle section of your fingers against the skin, ripple your fingers around in small, circular movements.
Vary the pressure by leaning into the movement with more or less body weight. Work firmly and evenly to cover the entire tense area.

Cat stroking

This is one of the nicest strokes with which to finish massaging an area. If done slowly and rhythmically it can soon send the recipient to sleep. Use a soft, gentle touch, and keep your movements smooth. Place your left hand at the top of the area you are massaging and stroke slowly and lightly down the body, as if stroking a cat.
Lift your hand off at the bottom of the area and return it to the start while the right hand begins the downward stroke. Repeat, making the return movement as smooth as the stroking


Many people love just being held – especially on the head, forehead, and abdomen. Simple holds are relaxing, comforting, and as calming for the person giving the massage as for the recipient. Place one hand over the other, and gently hold. Concentrate on your partner’s breathing and relax, releasing very slowly after one or two minutes.
Never hurry this movement at the end of a massage: its effect will remain long after the massage finishes. If time is short, omit an earlier stroke rather than rushing this hold.

Using Essential Oils for Massage