Massage Preparation

Preparation for the Whole Body Massage

A successful massage benefits and relaxes both body and mind, and careful preparation prior to the session helps you to achieve this aim. This involves creating a natural and nurturing ambience, as well as having to hand the necessary tools and equipment.
Your preparation will give you confidence and trust in your abilities, and your friends will instinctively feel safe in your hands, knowing that you value and respect their comfort and needs. In an atmosphere of mutual relaxation, your massage can proceed in a calm and serene manner.
Most rooms can be easily converted into a peaceful setting. Ensure that the room you choose is adequately heated and draught free, so that the person receiving the massage feels warm and cosseted at all times. Body temperature is likely to drop rapidly while lying still, especially when the person is covered in oil.
aromatherapy recipes As the giver of massage, be aware of the discrepancy between your body temperature and that of your friend. A humidifier will help to keep the atmosphere fresh, and good ventilation is necessary to prevent the room from becoming stuffy and airless. Wear light, comfortable clothing while giving the massage.
Privacy and quiet is essential to relaxation during massage. Pick a time when you will not be disturbed. It is extremely disconcerting for the person receiving the massage if the session is interrupted. A massage can last between one and one-and-a-half hours, so you will have to dedicate yourself totally to your partner for this length of time.
Avoid bright overhead lights. Soft, diffused lighting will enhance the tranquility of your setting. You can use natural light, low lamps, or even candles, although the last must be placed a safe distance away from the massage bed.
Have a pile of fresh, clean towels and sheets ready for use. Keep a selection of these itemsspecifically for the purpose of massage, so they can be laundered and stored away in preparation for the next session. Warm, pastel colors of uniform or complementary shades will be soothing to the eye and mind. Cover the surface your partner will be lying on with a sheet, and when your partner is lying down, place a large bath towel over the length of the body, both to protect modesty and to keep them snug and warm. Have several pillows or thinly folded towels ready at hand to place beneath the body to ease areas of tension. If the massage will take place at floor level, use cushions to kneel or sit on for your own comfort.
The massage base must be firm, comfortable, and supportive. A futon or foam rubber mattress is ideal or you can provide adequate padding with folded blankets. Beds are generally too soft and therefore not suitable locations for massage unless you are stroking very lightly.
As your skill develops, you may want to buy or build a massage couch for your practice. Ensure that the area surrounding the massage base is uncluttered so you have maximum freedom of movement while keeping your equipment within easy reach.
Once you have selected the essential oils most appropriate to your partner’s needs, decide whether you wish to use the essential oils in a burner or add them to your carrier oil. Have your aromatherapy materials and equipment ready for use before your friend arrives. Tissues or small towels should be available for wiping oil from your hands, or for your partner’s convenience. If you are concerned about oil stains, place a thin rubber sheet under the massage sheet, or a beautician’s tissue couch roll or a bath towel over the top of the sheet.
Finally, personal hygiene and body care for both people is of the utmost importance. Make certain you come to the session freshly showered, and with clean nails, hands, and feet. Cover any minor cuts with a plaster, and check the list of contraindications for massage before starting.
Wipe your hands after massaging the feet before proceeding with strokes on other parts of the body. Always wash your hands thoroughly at the end of each massage session.

Using Essential Oils for Massage