Massage Oils

Choosing Massage Oils & Blending Oils for Massage

An oil blend is made by mixing a few drops of essential oil with one of the carrier oils opposite. We all like different scents, and it is essential that the aroma of the blend appeals to you, or to the person you are going to massage. First, decide what effect you hope to achieve: do you want the aroma to sedate or revive, to energize or to calm?
Do you want to use oils for their therapeutic properties or simply to pamper? Make a list of essential oils suited to your requirements. Select two or three from your list – good blends usually combine all three notes: top (gives the initial scent), middle (adds body to the blend), and base (released last, this gives the lingering scent). The general rule is that a little is best: a weak blend of oils often smells better and is therefore more effective than a stronger blend. Follow the guide below to achieve the safest dilution of essential oils for a balanced fragrance and maximum therapeutic benefit.
Blending oils. Oil blends are usually divided into normal and low dilutions. Aromatherapists refer to these dilutions as percentages, based on the amount of essential oil in carrier oil. There is an easy way to figure out dilutions. To calculate how many drops of essential oil are needed to make a normal dilution of 2,5%, divide the number of milliliters of carrier oil by 2; for a low dilution of 1%, divide by 4. Most essential oil bottles come with dropper for easy measuring. Pay special attention to the warnings listed, for special instructions on which dilution to use. For a full body massage, 20ml of oil is needed; for the face, 10 ml is enough. You can make larger quantities and store them (see storage oils).
buy pure essential oils click here1. Choose a carrier oil (or blend of carrier oils) based on your skin type, and determine the amount you will need. Transfer the carrier oil into a dark bottle a little larger than the amount of oil.
2. Choose 2-3 essential oils based on the effect you require, and calculate the number of drops to use. Add to the carrier oil. Close the bottle and label it clearly. Shake well before use.
Normal dilution of 2,5 %;
ml carrier oil / 2 = total drops essential oil;
(e.g. 20 ml carrier oil / 2 = 10 drops essential oil)
Essential Oils
5 drops sandalwood
3 drops lavender
2 drops orange
Carrier Oil
20 ml apricot kernel
TOTAL: 10 drops essential oil per 20 ml carrier oil
Low dilution of 1 % for sensitive skin and for use during pregnancy:
ml carrier oil / 4 = total drops essential oil
(e.g. 20 ml carrier oil / 4 = 5 drops essential oil)
Essential Oils
3 drops rosemary
1 drop each of lemongrass and juniper
Carrier Oil
20 ml sunflower oil
TOTAL: 5 drops essential oil per 20 ml carrier oil
Extremely low dilution for very sensitive skin, children & babies: (Safety use of oils)
Use just 1 drop essential oil per 10 ml carrier oil,
or use sweet almond oil by itself

Using Essential Oils for Massage