Massage Blends

Aromatherapy oils Blends for the whole body massage

The nurturing touch of a massage is considerably enhanced by the aroma of essential oils. A selection of blends appropriate to everyday circumstances is given below. These few suggestions are to be used as a guide.
If you are already familiar with some of the essential oils and have a favorite blend, there is no reason why you should not use it.
Choose up to four oils to make the blend appropriate to your needs. Mix them with a carrier oil as described in the section on choosing and blending oils.
A Blend to Aid Relaxation. Relaxation is particularly important following a stressful day at work. A massage with any of the following oils is a most effective way to encourage relaxation.
Choose three or four oils from this list: bergamot, German chamomile, clary sage, lavender, rosewood, or sandalwood.
To add an uplifting note choose one of the other citrus oils, which will produce a blend that is relaxing and uplifting at the same time
Blend to Dispel Gloom. When everything seems gray, an enlivening massage with some of the invigorating oils could help turn the day around from one of gloom and despair to a more energetic one.
Try a blend of three or four of the following oils: black pepper, cypress, eucalyptus, fennel, ginger, grapefruit, jasmine, juniper, lemon, nutmeg, peppermint, rosemary, tea tree.
A blend for stiff muscles. Everyone can suffer from minor muscular aches and pains from time to time. They may be brought on by unusual physical exercise – from gardening or dancing to sporting activities – or simply by remaining in an uncomfortable position too long. At such times the warming oils that bring blood back into the aching muscles are the most helpful.
Choose your oils from the following list: benzoin, black pepper, clary sage, eucalyptus, ginger, grapefruit, jasmine, juniper, lavender, lemon, marjoram, nutmeg, orange, peppermint, or rosemary.
A Remedy for Over indulgence. If you have over-indulged in alcoholic drinks, try to drink several glasses of water before sleeping, in order to help alleviate the dehydration caused by an excess of alcohol. Drink plenty of water and orange juice at breakfast to help detoxification and, if possible, eat some whole meal toast with a yeast spread.
A gentle massage, using three or four of the following oils, may help restore normal good health after eating or drinking too much: black pepper, fennel, geranium, ginger, juniper, orange, or peppermint.
Blend for rising the Spirits. For the days when the ordinary activities of life seem too difficult there are a number of oils that can help raise the spirits: benzoin, bergamot, cedarwood, clary sage, frankincense, geranium, grapefruit, jasmine, mandarin, nutmeg, orange, rose, rosewood, or ylang ylang.
A blend of three or four from this list, and the comforting quality of a massage, can give you back a zest for life.
A Blend to Warmth and Comfort. After struggling with bitter winds and the cold of winter the idea of undressing for a massage may seem foolish. However, there are some warming and comforting essential oils that can be very nourishing when you are feeling emotionally, as well as physically, cold.
Blend benzoin, ginger, orange, and rosewood, together and allow them to envelop your body in their special aroma.
An Aphrodisiac blend. In a long-term relationship the intimate physical bond between partners may weaken or cease to exist. A long illness, overwork, or emotional crises can also contribute to a lack of sexual interest.
At such times the non-sexual but loving touch of massage can play an important part in rediscovering the sexual intimacy that has been missing.
Essential oils that may help are: black pepper, cedarwood, clary sage, fennel, frankincense, ginger, jasmine, rose, and sandalwood. Note that this is an area where it is particularly important to take in each individual’s personal preferences for fragrance.
Seasonal blends. To create the mood of the festive season, make use of the scents that are the very essence of Christmas: frankincense, ginger, and mandarin. You could also try experimenting with benzoin, neroli, and orange.
Easter, occurring at the time of renewal and refreshment, is a good time to try a blend of geranium, palmarosa, and rosewood.
A Nuptial Blend. There is only one choice of blend for a pre-wedding massage: jasmine and rose, respectively the king and queen of fragrances, and neroli, to calm the nerves. This luxurious blend will bring the essence of calm to the beginning of married life.
A Blend to Instill Peacefulness. Frankincense, sandalwood, neroli, and ylang ylang blend together to create a rich perfume of peace. This blend can help recreate feelings of tranquillity and reduce feelings of fragmentation. It can be valuable in helping to reconnect someone to their strong inner core. Give or receive a massage with this mixture and help yourself regain peace in your life

Using Essential Oils for Massage